Monday, February 16, 2009

a small voice.

The earlier part of my dream, the only things I can remember are that there was a ghost of a small child following me around.
Not the actual figure of the kid, but it would send me text messages on my phone and talk to me while I was at home.
It would tell me things that were going to happen. "160 lbs. 5'8", you won't see him coming."
and when I would leave for a few days, she would text my phone "You moved? I miss you. Come home soon or I will find you."
Not very scary this night, which I'm glad.
I wake up, drink a glass of cranberry juice and return to bed.
I'm walking with some friends and cousins. We're looking for a good place to shoot up. We hop some fences and duck under some shrubbery. They sit on the swings and start to cook up our smack, I look around and freeze. We were in my childhood backyard. I tell them about it and we all flea out the back gate down the stairs. I roll out in to the parking lot behind the house and grind my face against the pavement.
A car is right behind me, following me. I start to crawl. I stand perpendicular to the ground, my face only an inch or two off the ground. I'm running as hard as I can. I make it to our get away car on the other side of the lot. It seems like everyone is situated so I jump in.
We ended up going to a party. It was Christmas time and there was a tree in the living room. My friends were there, drunk as usual. Kloe Kardashian and Drew Lachey were there as well. We talked about nothing in particular. Kloe wanted a cigarette and asked if she could bum one off of me. I said yes and we went out for a smoke.
We were standing in the Fred Meyer's parking lot at the back enterance waiting for a bus to take us to P.F. Changs. It was Halloween. A few girls I know from a local sorority came to join us. Katie and Tyler also came. I asked Tyler if we could go to the bank and get money out of his account so I could give it to Kyle. He said yes and we started to head that way.
Then I woke up.

Not very exciting this night, which I'm glad.

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